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an unnamed poem 
4th-Aug-2007 04:51 pm
As the sun sets down and the creatures come out,
You pull me close and hide me beneath your wings.
Saying that you would love me forever and not let anyone harm me.
The sun is about to set, you pull in me for a kiss
I melt into your arms, my body is a perfect fit against yours.
You move away from me, holding you lips like they're in pain..

My heart begins to beat faster, your wings turn darker.
What is wrong?
No answer...
Are you ok?
You let out a horrible screech!
I grab my ears, falling to the floor

Crying tears upon tears
Making puddles beneath me
You grab me up and scream!
Your angel wings are no more!
What have you become?!
You raise your voice
Nothing is wrong!!

I see the struggle in your eyes
The angel and the demon fighting for their side
You yell and throw things about
trying to get away from you,
Hurting myself in the process.

I have never been this afraid!!
What did i do to set you off?!
No answer from you
You fall to the floor
My heart still beating, drumming loudly into my ears
You grab your face and claw, trying to rip off the mask.
Your wings are almost back!

I stay away, not sure what you will do.
Puddles are forming and the room is turning into a pool

Trying to get through
Both crying so many tears
I go under
Not knowing how to swim my way to the top
To the paradise island that will await me!!

I scream and I yell
They only come out garbled
All the water is flowing into my lungs
Choking me as I grasp for air!
More water fills the room,
It's harder than ever to reach the top

I see you kicking your way to the top
How come you get to go to the island and I am left to drown?
I try to call for you
Scream for you
Only air bubbles
I flail, imitating you
Hoping that the unsettling water will grab your attention.

You finally take notice,
A bit too late.
I cannot hold my breath any longer
I have finally run out of air
You look at me and the surface,
Deciding which to choose
You swim toward me, holding out your hand
I try to grab it,
Try to make my way toward the surface!

The sun had finally set
The creatures are about
You let go of my hand,
Trying to get to the surface as fast as you can
Don't leave me!!
I try to scream...

Slithery slimey
Here come the things
I try to swim,
I fall back into the darkness
The creatures claw all around me,
Taking me back to the depths and you make you asend to your Heaven. 
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