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3rd-Oct-2007 01:25 pm
Hmm. what to write...Things have been weird lately. There are so many things that have been happening and I have been so stressed out lately. I need to really get on things and push myself to do good. I haven't been doing good in my biology class. I keep procrastinating studying for it because I have so much other things to do and the fact that I don't need this class is messing with me. I should have stood up for myself and told the roomie that I would NOT be taking bio, because I didn't need it. This is supposed to be an easy class, but when you don't care for science, it's not. Also, my neuroscience counts as a second science, so i really don't need to take this bio class. -_- Grrr why am I so damn week?

On good news, my wolfie and I may be tying the not sooner than we thought. We're aiming for the end of the month. I really do wanna marry him soon. That would part of my stress. I dunno...i need a lot of time to think about things. I started a notebook and just right in it when I can. It's more of a way for me to express myself to my dear wolfie.

Well time to pay attention in class...
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