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14th-Nov-2007 01:17 pm
so apparently I made someone cry last night, (for my purpose they shall be called Jorina).... All i asked was my a shirt back that she took over summer, and brought back ruined! I, apparently, am soon going to be on the same level as an old roommate as hers. I found this an accomplishment! I mean, her old roommate is a nice person, and it seems patterns repeat. Well considering that everyone knows her side, I figure I need to get my side out....so here is the list of things I found wrong with her that have bugged me.

* She has too many pairs of a certain object that she does not need, and refuses to get rid of them
* She is a control freak, even though she refuses to admit it
* She got mad when I changed the room around, even though I told her last year, before we agreed to room
     together, that I would change the room around because that is a tic of mine.
* She takes up more than 70% of the room
* Everything has to be her way, or just forget everything
* Everything has to be on her time, doesn't matter what else someone has to do, she expects them to drop it and go with her
* She thinks everyone else is made of money and can go out whenever they feel like it
* we agreed that we'd alternate who would buy groceries, she has yet to buy real food. Her idea of food for a month was two lunchables per person and some cheese and bread
*She promised not to bring any alcohol into the room, I come to find out that she had it there t he first few weeks of school, then finally gave it over to someone else
*She thinks that something is always wrong with her, and that she's going to die any minute
*You say something about being sick, and of course, she calls her mom to make sure it's not contagious and says that you need to go see a doctor...
*I told Jorina news about something I didn't want people to know unless it was true, and she went and told her mom and friends....something a real friend wouldn't do...
*She claims that there is only one thing bothering her, however, everybody else is coming to me and telling me all these problems she has with me...seems like this girl needs to keep her stories straight
*That's another thing! She tells everybody different things! She will tell a person something that happened to her and tell another something different

Well I'm in class, so I will finish this later...it only gets worse!!
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